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Montag, 8. März 2010

New Records ...

Bob Blank – »The Blank Generation:
Blank Tapes NYC 1975 - 1985« (Various)
"Listening to this album, it’s surprising how high the hit rate is considering how Blank’s cheap rates, open-mindedness and ability to get the job done seemed to cause every low-life in New York City to turn up on his doorstep to ask for a few hours of tape time." (more)
Vinyl | CD (Strut)
LoneLady – »Nerve Up«
"Nerve Up is primarily the creation of singer/guitarist Julie Campbell, a native of Manchester who shows an uncanny ability to reinvigorate a sound that was seemingly beyond saving ..." (more)
Vinyl | CD | Download (Warp Records)
Christian Scott – »Yesterday You Said Tomorrow«
"Scott's fourth Concord album is a gym-ripped amalgam of edgy jazz, hip hop and rock rhythms, off-kilter ostinatos, intimate rhapsodies and full-on passions, all welded together by the New Orleans-born player's alternately caressing and searing horn, and by his most tightly focused band to date ..." (more)
Vinyl | CD | Download (Concord)
Yellow Swans – »Going Places«
Das letzte Album der Yellow Swans: "The thing is, Yellow Swans' music-- dense drones that build like narratives-- has always conveyed these kinds of concepts and feelings. What makes Going Places so great is how it transforms them from explainable ideas into things that can't be easily captured in words. When "Opt Out" rises from underwater tones into thick howls, you can feel anger and catharsis, but there's something else there, too ..." (more)
Vinyl | CD (Type)
»Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk, Folk And
Psych Of The 60s And 70s'« (Various)
"We hope that Iranians around the world will rediscover these songs. This collection is, in some sense, dedicated to a generation in self-imposed mental exile, due to years of war and catastrophe; decades of lies and bombs; a fundamentalist theocracy of reformist shams; addiction; isolation and alienation; unemployment, and inflation. These are voices and stories that may again prove relevant to a psychologically damaged and spiritually corrupt society, a society whose discontents recall the latter years of the Shah's rule ..." (more)
Vinyl | CD (Finders Keepers)

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