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Montag, 26. April 2010

Space is the Place...

Jerry Dammers' Spatial A.K.A Orchestra.

Dienstag, 20. April 2010

RIP Guru

Very sad news: "Legendary rapper Guru has lost his battle with cancer, according to the DJ Premier blog." More on »Fact-Magazine«...
Too many good people are dying this month. Stop it, please!

Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

RIP Steve Reid

"Steve Reid passed away in his sleep last night after a battle with cancer. Steve Reid was a giant of a drummer, who began playing professionally at the age of 16. His first recorded work was with Martha And The Vandellas, working in the Apollo Theatre House band, under the direction of Quincy Jones. Over the years Steve recorded and played with artists such as Miles Davies, Fela Kuti, James Brown and Sun Ra, amongst other musical legends." (more on Domino Records)

Sonntag, 11. April 2010

One Night In 77 Minutes: Our friend Sookie tries to put a whole night into one mix: warming up at home... dancing in a club... and slowly coming down the next day outside in the sun...

Donnerstag, 8. April 2010

RIP Malcolm McLaren

Happy Birthday!
Komet | Sa. | 10.04.2010

5 Jahre Komet in der Erichstraße werden gefeiert:

Mit der großen Komet Tombola »Jedes zweite Los gewinnt« (Hauptpreis 100,- Euro Getränkegutschein), den Super Trink Spar Menüs | Live: »DM Bob« Singer Songwriter Trash Rock & Roll + Silky | DJs: VJ Wasted (Wildwax Shows) , DJ Wuchtbrumme (Fidel Bastro), "the one & only" Baster (Baster’s Beatbox), This Ain't No Picnic-Crew!

21 Uhr–open end
Komet, Erichstraße 11
Hamburg-St. Pauli