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Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Difficult Music on Radio FSK –
Tracklist Januar 23, 2012

Infernal Devices – Moon Wiring Club
Spellcasting Summat – Moon Wiring Club
Elizabethan Automata – Moon Wiring Club
That Foggy Feeling – Moon Wiring Club
(»Clutch It like A Gonk« / More: www.blankworkshop.co.uk)
idiomat [#0528] – Cezary Gapik
(»The Sum Of Disappearing Sounds«, Karl Records)
ming – a.farOne
(»Lucen«, Karl Records)
Tleilax – Roly Porter
Ix – Roly Porter    
Sleepless – As If
(»At Night«)
Inventur – Radiator 865
Asphalt – Radiator 865        
(»Revolution«, www.timtimtontraeger.de)
Barkasse – Xyramat
Human Plagues – Tsunami Killcore & Human Plagues
Another Room – Marina Faé feat. Cine Mad in Chaos
(»Riot Grrrl is not Dead!«
Dominoeffect – Maps And Diagrams
(»Snowglobe« EP)
My Bad Music – R. Stevie Moore

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

The Escapists Lounge
Komet \ Mi. / 18.01.2012

»I'm making plans for the great escape
The great escape from here
I'm taking off for a better place
and better people who care
And no-one can hear me
There's light and there's dark
and sometimes I just can't tell them apart
I'd rather drink a wishing well
if this is the way things are«

Tonight: 2011 rewind.